Fort Vancouver Trading Co. offers the largest selection of lead-free pellets, at the best prices. We import some pellets that are unavailable to the USA market, and stock collectible inventory as well. Our website helps educate people about the data for various pellets, and we are working to create detailed descriptions for every available pellet. We've also provided the UPC (barcode) for each pellet, so you can shop around and easily compare prices.


Lead-Free Pellets By Grain Weight

NameBrandGrainscalmmBCPelletsPriceper pelletUPC
Hypermatch WadcutterRWS5.10.1774.5 250$25.00$0.104000294188695
PBA RaptorGamo5.10.1774.5 100$12.90$0.13793676015460
PBA PlatinumGamo5.10.1774.5 100$15.90$0.16793676032795
Match WadcutterGamo5.10.1774.5 150$12.90$0.09793676053882
Blue FlameGamo5.10.1774.5 100$13.90$0.14793676032788
HypermaxRWS5.20.1774.5 200$12.29$0.06723364174216
Luxor CuGamo5.20.1774.5 150$16.90$0.11793676060354
Match Green WadcutterH&N Sport5.250.1774.5 500$26.00$0.054047058017969
PrecisionMax WadcutterDaisy5.250.1774.5 250$9.50$0.0439256802502
PowerShot Fast FlightCrosman5.40.1774.5 100$13.59$0.1428478137226
GTO WadcutterPredator5.50.1774.5 200$19.00$0.10894421000141
Match Pb-Free WadcutterOlympia Shot5.50.1774.5 250$20.00$0.08345343419926679
Domed Pb-FreeOlympia Shot5.50.1774.5 250$20.00$0.08345343419926648
Pointed Pb-FreeOlympia Shot5.50.1774.5 250$20.00$0.083453444132887
HyperdomeRWS5.560.1774.5 200$12.29$0.06 
LethalGamo5.560.1774.5 100$19.90$0.20793676052120
Field Target Trophy GreenH&N Sport5.710.1774.50.018300$16.00$0.054047058011721
Baracuda GreenH&N Sport6.640.1774.50.013300$16.00$0.054047058011660
GTO DomedPredator6.790.1774.50.012200$18.00$0.09894421000776
PBA BulletGamo7.10.1774.5 150$13.17$0.09793676040615
PowerShot Gold FlightCrosman8.50.1774.5 125$13.59$0.1128478137240
Terminator 1 Air BulletsDynamic9.50.1774.50.018450$45.00$0.10 
Field Target Trophy GreenH&N Sport9.570.225.50.016200$17.00$0.094047058015033
PBA PlatinumGamo9.$20.90$0.42793676032801
PBA RaptorGamo9.80.225.5 50$12.90$0.26793676024783
HypermaxRWS9.90.225.5 150$14.59$0.10723364174223
Luxor CuGamo9.90.225.5 100$17.90$0.18793676060361
HyperdomeRWS10.960.225.5 150$14.59$0.10 
GTO DomedPredator11.750.225.50.023200$19.00$0.10894421000790
Baracuda GreenH&N Sport12.960.225.50.029200$21.00$0.114047058015019
PBA BulletGamo14.40.225.5 100$12.40$0.12793676040622
GTO DomedPredator16.540.256.350.022150$22.00$0.15894421000806
PowerShot Red FlightCrosman16.70.225.5 150$13.59$0.0928478137257
Baracuda GreenH&N Sport19.910.256.350.027150$22.00$0.154047058019505

Shop Lead-Free Ammo

If you need more power than what an airgun can provide, consider lead-free firearm ammo. The airgun industry doesn't produce lead-free slugs at this time, so you are limited to firearms for long-range hunting, and high power shots. Only the Norma Eco 22 LR is 100% lead-free, utilizing a lead-free primer. The other calibers use traditional primers, but all firearms generate toxic exhaust gases. Proper ventilation, cleaning, and hand-washing is essential to your health.

Our frangible ammo is designed to pulverize into dust, rather than ricochet off steel targets. It's great for training at close ranges, where ricochet is a greater risk.

Sample packs of various rounds are available, in case you'd like to try before buying a larger amount.

Great selection & prices

We are a small family business focused on the health benefits of reducing lead exposure, and we source pellets from a variety of companies, to offer a wide selection and reasonable prices.

Why shoot lead-free?

Shoot faster, and safer

Whether target shooting, or hunting, your health is a priority! Don't compromise and risk lead exposure, for yourself, family, pets, or other animals.

Non-lead pellets can be more accurate than lead, but different guns prefer different pellets. We will soon provide sample packs, so you can try as many kinds of pellets as you want, and then purchase whichever are best suited for your needs.